Not this type of collector.
Not this type of collector.

I admit it. I have collector tendencies.

I buy things that have absolutely no practical application what-so-ever, just to satiate my consumerism. I love steelbooks. I love artbooks. I’m a huge sucker for those beautiful boxes that Collector’s Editions come in. I can’t help but to want it all. But I can also, at times, feel intensely guilty about purchasing them.


The money could have gone towards simply purchasing another game, or put into savings, or any number of other reasonable things. But no, I absolutely need that Bloodborne Limited edition steelbook and artbook, or that gorgeous, massive Mirror’s Edge Catalyst statue.

On the other hand, they are beautiful pieces of memorabilia that relate to experiences I truly enjoyed. The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 artbook is strangely soothing to page through, and reminds me of what I felt while playing that game. The Persona 5 steelbook instantly transports me Café Leblanc, where I actually first became interested in coffee.


These games are all experiences that lie close to my heart. The steelbooks and artbooks are to me what photo albums are to others. I will never forget them, and neither do I want to.

Of course, this is all just an afterconstruction to justify purchasing Bloodborne Limited Edition for 70€, despite already owning the game.


And a Horizon: Zero Dawn artbook for 25€.

And the Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia for 30€ to complete the trilogy.

...this month.

I’m gonna stop here.

All of you video game collectors out there, how do you manage your spending? How to choose what to purchase? What are your white whale items? How do you handle the guilt of knowing what your collection is worth? Tell me of your systems and secrets, oh masters.

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