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I guess it’s true what they say: you really can’t properly understand something until you try it for yourself. And having actually gotten started with learning game development, I can now safely say that I really didn’t understand just how massive it is.


Even using an engine like Unity or Unreal, the amount of work required to make even rudimentary systems work is massive, as every single aspect needs to be near perfect.

I can’t even begin to imagine having to write my own physics, sound or graphics modules. The amount of interacting systems are absolutely insane. Yet, this is done fairly often. Maybe one day I will give it a shot, but it’s definitely a long ways off.


Even a “simple” system, like the camera, takes an incredible amount of logic and work to properly set up. Naturally, a lot of it can be reused from other projects, but it will still always require adaptation. Re-purposed code often leads to bugs, after all.

It’s been thrilling to learn more about how it all actually works though. I’ve been really submerging myself into it as of late, listening to interview-styled podcasts with people from my national game developer community, working with Unity, coding, even my presence here is a part of this submergence.


It has truly given me a different understanding and appreciation of games, however. Knowing just how much it takes for every component to feel right is humbling.

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